On the importance of letting go

  1. Things are only there when you don’t need them. There’s an elusive nature to things like happiness, love and money. I call it the volition field. The more you obsess with something, the field grows bigger and it pushes what you want away from your reach. When you work for yourself towards goals that fulfill you, the volition field reverses and starts attracting them again.
  2. Everything is out of your control except your thoughts and actions. Society (whatever that means) sells us feelings of fake control. We are trained to believe that going to college is going to get us a job, that getting more money is going to render us happier, that being aloof is going to make us look cooler, that not loving is going to avoid us getting hurt. However, all of that is just bullshit. We can build walls around us to protect us from others, but nothing is going to protect us from ourselves. Even doing the first is building yourself a trap. You can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It all starts with a thought. Your feelings are made to keep you alive and safe and (no matter what Hollywood says) they’re not a trustworthy compass. Feelings follow thoughts and actions follow feelings, that’s why they are e-motions. In the end, we become our habits. People are the least thing we can control because they have their own worldview, plans and volition. Manipulation is a dirty friend. You can fool some for a while, but not everyone all the time, including yourself. It’s hard to accept, but no matter what you do, you can’t control what other people think of themselves or you. It’s much better to focus on what you think of yourself as objectively as you can.
  3. Meaning is in your head. You’re trapped inside your mind, therefore the things can seem to mean something they don’t and it’s not easy to know if we’re misinterpreting. We see what we want to see or what confirms what we already believe, sometimes ignoring the rest of the facts. It’s called confirmation bias. Double check before reacting to messages, calls, comments, jokes or anything that can be ambiguous. Build headspace between your feelings, your thoughts, and the exterior world. Your mind is not you. Due to the linguistic nature of our trains of thought, the brain pops out random ideas that sometimes have a confusing emotion below them. Listen to them, but don’t get attached. Sometimes words come off totally different from what we mean. Sometimes feelings are hidden behind them. There’s always a deep emotion behind what people do and it’s not always obvious. We have to learn how to see the hurt baby behind anger, the fearful one behind jealousy or rejection, the sad one behind irony.




Chief Science Officer @erudit.ai Chairman of the technical board @billioneurons #ai #quantum #biotech #vc

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Ricardo Michel Reyes

Ricardo Michel Reyes

Chief Science Officer @erudit.ai Chairman of the technical board @billioneurons #ai #quantum #biotech #vc

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